Rules To Observe In the Escape Room

You might be wondering why an escape room would have rules. Following rules is never easy especially if you do not like it. In the escape room, there are rules to help you stay in place. Following these rules ensures you have a great time ( Some of the rules in the escape room ensure that you are safe and help you win the game. Every escape room has different rules but there are common rules found in all escape rooms. For that reason, some of the escape rules that you need to strictly follow are;

Time rules

• Escape rooms allow you to book early enough before you play a game. This helps them have enough time scheduling and reserving a spot for you.

• Always start on time. Ensure that you are never late for a game you scheduled ( Your spot can be given to someone else if you are not there when the game starts.

• Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. You need to show up some minutes before to ensure that you are fully ready for the game.

• Inform the game master in case of game cancellation. This will enable them to reserve the slot for other players.

Safety rules

These rules ensure that you are safe when playing a game.

• Ensure that you check your bag before you enter to ensure that you do not have a prohibited item.

• Do not litter in the escape room. You should throw or leave trash in the room. Ensure that you use litter bags to dispose of all your trash.

• Do not damage property. You need to leave everything how you found them. for that reason, ensure that you handle things like furniture with care.

• Do not use mobile phones in the room. It is prohibited to use mobile phones in the escape room to ensure that you are safe.

• No drugs and substance abuse. You are prohibited from using any toxic substance while in the escape room. Always show up while sober. This helps you avoid fights and quarrels in case you lose a game. Playing while intoxicated can increase the chances of injuries.

• Do not overturn things. You need to be a team player when tackling a tough puzzle.

• Do not use lighters in the escape room in case of fire explosions.

• In case of a problem, notify a game master who will help you solve the issue.

Rules to help you win

• Follow the valuable tips. There is always a secret behind what the game master says. Following the valuable tips ensures that you win your game.

• Communicate with your team. Escape rooms allow you to communicate with your team to help you win the game. Always say what you see because you are all working together to win the game.


You need to strictly follow the escape room rules to ensure that you have an easy time playing your game. Different escape rooms have penalties for lack of following the rules. To ensure that you are not banned from the escape room, strictly understand the game rules.