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Prayer Bracha for Before Torah Study

May it be your Will, Hashem, my God, that a mishap not come about through me. And may I not stumble in a matter of law and cause my friends to rejoice over me. And may I not say regarding something which is “tamei” (unpure) that it is “tahor” (pure). And not regarding something which is tahor that it is tamei. And may my friends not stumble in a matter of law and I rejoice over them. For Hashem grants wisdom; from His mouth [come] knowledge and understanding. Unveil my eyes that I may perceive wonders from Your Torah.

and After Torah Study:

I thank You, O Hashem, my God, that you have established my portion with those who dwell in the study hall, and you have not established my portion with idlers; for I arise early and they arise early: I arise early for words of Torah, and they arise early for idle words. I toil and they toil: I toil and receive reward, and they toil and do not receive reward. I run and they run: I run to the life of the world to come and they run to the pit of destruction. [As it is written: And You, O God, You will lower them into the well of destruction, men of bloodshed and deceit shall not live out half their days; but as me, I will trust in you.]



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