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Halachot of Berachot  

Making a Beracha

  1. Intention
    1. One must plan what beracha he will say before beginning and should start thinking whether he should say Ha’Etz or Ha’Adoma after saying the word Ha’Olam.
    2. If you know in advance you will be eating of other foods of the same beracha, then when you say the beracha have in mind to cover those other foods.
  2. Position
    1. The Item should be in front of the person and in his right hand (left for a lefty).
    2. One should not be engaged in any other activity during the beracha besides walking to his destination. Preferably, he should either sit or stand still.
  3. Recital
    1. Should be said loud enough to hear, but if it was quiter than this, as long as he actually pronounced the words – it counts. If he merely formulated the beracha in his mind it wouldn’t count and a new real beracha would be needed.
    2. Ideally the beracha should be said in Hebrew and ideally you should understand the words, however, even if you don’t understand, the beracha counts. An accurate translation will also work as long as you understand the words.
  4. If one began to eat without making a bracha
    1. If it is solid food and it won't become inedible if one removes it - then one should remove the food and make the bracha
    2. If it is solid food which will become inedible if one removes it - then one should move it to the side of his mouth and make the bracha.
    3. If it is liquid food, then one should spit it out and make a bracha
    4. If one already swallowed the food, he can no longer make the bracha rishona on that food. He can and should, however, find a different food with the same bracha to cover himself. If he can't find a different foo with the same bracha, than any shehakol food will suffice.
    5. Even if one forgot a bracha rishona and finished eating, he should still make a bracha achrona.



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